About 4.3 miles from the Monroe Valley Road trailhead, you’ll pass a pedestrian bridge for the 0.4-mile Sand Siding Trail. Each trail loop is about 1.5 miles in length and twist through the woods and up and down hills. It is more a logging trail quality than a road now, it has pavement, but an equal amount of gravel, and then those large stones mentioned below. It's a rehabbed crushed gravel surface of an old state route. We have you covered. Swatara State Park Targeted for Trail Installation, Other Improvements Swatara Sojourn. First the trail isn't marked and we went the wrong way about 3/4 of a mile into a KOA campground. The state acquired the land and built the trail. For more information on Swatara and Pennsylvania’s other 119 state parks, visit www.dcnr.state.pa.us (select “Find a Park”). Along the way there are several other paved trails for cycling and you may choose to meander at will. The bridge carries the Appalachian Trail across the creek and connects with the Bear Hole Trail that runs 5 miles through the state park on the other side of the creek. It's about 2.5 miles from the northern trail head and 100 m up to the left on a visible trail, but easy to miss. This is a beautiful trail with minimal traffic on a warm autumn Sunday. This section is only a few miles long.From I-78 take 501 and then take a left where it dead ends on the main street of Pine Grove. Upon reentering the state park I stopped at the waterville bridge and checked the map. This portion is rather flat, but there are some up and down hills. Sad. if you do decide to start there, drive toward the back of the Hotel and, before getting clear to the back, notice the buildings to your right. Great tandem ride from Lickdale to Pine Grove and back. Here, you’ll pass the 1890 vintage Waterville Bridge, a 221-foot steel bridge that was relocated here after it was retired in the village of Waterville, more than 100 miles from here. Either way has some fairly significant hills. After another 2-3 miles, you'll come to what appears to be a little-used road--unmarked and going either right or left. I do not recommend riding the Swatara Rail Trail east past the Swopes Valley Trailhead. Even though you are out in the woods you are blocked in on one side by highway and the other by the water. Scenery includes the Swatara waterway, some open fields, beautiful foliage and "Old State Road" -- a section of forgotten highway that Mother Nature is doing her best to reclaim. Trail is beautiful but would be very scary if I shared with a horse. The State plans to turn it into a non-motorized trail. I wanted to eliminate the 2 miles of loose hard riding. We had a good ride and will ride it again. While my Bultaco Alpina from thirty years ago would have handled the mud and fallen trees, I have yet to learn how to make my bicycle do it gracefully. My first trail since coming back to PA late this summer. It was right by the Swatara State Park DCNR sign. Swatara Creek Run (SCR) will take place at the Swatara State Park about 40 minutes north east of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As an update to an earlier review, there is a port-a-john available at the Trout Run trail head, which seems to be the most spacious & least used parking area. However, it is possible to find your way. Financed through state capital budget funds, the $4.67 million project undertaken by Kinsley Construction of York County is expected to be completed by mid-July. Youker. I think I saw a hiker, but not real sure... "There have been a few changes since February of 2005 when I last reported on the trail. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Swatara State Park bike trail in Lickdale. Operating under several subsequent owners, the rail branch closed in segments from 1965 to 1981. The new bridge is beautiful and allows those who want to shorten the ride an easy way to do so. The southern end had a lot of ballast and was probably a little rough for our bikes. The Interactive GIS Map uses Geographic Information Systems to create a map that does not need to be downloaded and features driving directions, searchable park amenities, and customizable maps.. A trip north on I-81 gave me another chance to explore the Swatara Rail Trail. Park visitors are advised construction work may affect access to certain areas. At this point I was going to suggest that the Pennsylvania State Park System get out of the trail building business. Heading north toward Swatara State Park, you’ll pass a small trail parking lot and reach another trailhead on Monroe Valley Road in 0.8 mile. I was disappointed to find that the trail is maintained differently past this point. Much of the trail is crushed limestone and asphalt, although segments at either end are dirt and grass and may be more conducive to mountain bikes than road and hybrid bikes. News for Immediate Release Between those points, the Park provides a total of eighteen miles of three distinctly different types of riding surfaces. This was fun because it had some abandoned road hills mixed styles of surfaces. A more reasonable way to enter the Pine Grove end of the rail trail is located just across from the Swedburg Church of God, 2.2 miles from the Pine Grove exit (Exit 100) of I-81 or, if traveling in the opposite direction, 9.5 miles from Lickdale. The trail route got its start with the discovery of anthracite coal in nearby Tremont, prompting construction of the Pine Grove feeder canal in the early 1800s that ran along Swatara Creek and connected with the main Union Canal near Lebanon. Visually this trail is a treat, from a scrap yard, to bird preserve to an few small examples of old growth forest. Very Large Stones, like stand up on the pedals to get over them type. At the roundabout loop near the Lickdale terminus there are many raspberry bushes, good for an afternoon stop in July. I cannot stress enough that this is not a smooth road at all, but it also has some incline to it. I witnessed a biker almost being kicked by a horse. Here the trail goes through a cut and becomes very muddy and spiced with the occasional fallen tree. Swatara State Park Mountain Bike, Hike, Trail Running trails near Lickdale, Pennsylvania. It is a great shaded trail in the heat of summer with several spots to stop and view the stream. I frequent this trail as its close to home and a nice 12-13 mile loop running up then down either side of the swatara creek. water trail is ideal for half-day, full-day or multiple-day paddle and float trips down the Swatara Creek. I enjoyed my ride but was disappointed with the surface of the trail. This new bridge make is possible for shorter loop rides/walks. After riding trail A I returned to the rail trail and rode south to the Lickdale trailhead. Future plans call for the Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail to meet up with the Swatara Rail-Trail in Lickdale. Four point four miles from Lickdale, you can turn onto State Park Lane and drive about one mile to a gate that also accesses the Park’s three miles of smooth asphalt road. I managed to step off the bike into the mud a number of times. It would be a super ride if it weren't for the horses putting big gouges in it. The trail passes along the edge of the state park with a line of farm communities to the left. Along with numerous ATV/ORV on the trail. Who knows what you will find next. Lots' of fast food, gas, and hotels. The Sand Siding Trailhead, a little further North on the trail, has a nice parking lot. http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/ucmprd1/groups/public/documents/news/DCNR_009829.pdf And there's not much to see other than the marshes bordering the trail. The road ends in a parking area. Stretching from Georgia to Maine, the Appalachian Trail (AT) traverses two miles of the southern portion of Swatara State Park. But this is the only part of the trail that is gravel. At the Waterville Bridge I could see that you would cut over to the old state road, but I had two miles back to lickdale (picture that sign is actually one of the few on the trail.) Hikers may leave an itinerary with the park for emergencies. ... At over 8 miles, Swatara State Park's mountain bike trails are a system of 6 looped trails that twist through the woods and hills and are generally considered a good place for introductory skills. A few minutes later you on a nice gravel four foot wide trail. Bear Hole Trail was formerly known as Old State Road, but, despite what Apple Maps might say, the road has been closed for over 20 years. Saw 2 six point bucks right on the trail last weekend..still in velvet--they were beautiful. We had read that the bike folks do not like the horse riders. Last year's construction vastly improved this trail and adds the option of a 10 mile loop using the Bear Hole trail across the creek as a return route. The Mountain Biking Trails at Swatara State Park can be reached from the State Park Lane Trailhead. Designated launches in the northern and southern ends of the park provide access to the creek for boaters. The section that says no horses is good but the other sections with horses the trail is smooth along the edges as the horses stay in the middle. Did the whole 10 miles... great ride!! An 8-mile stretch of the Swatara Creek Water Trail winds through the park, and two miles of the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine, cross its southern sector. ", "I decided to take my Labor Day and discover the Swatara Rail Trail. Return the way you came. We also jumped over the creek at the new bridge and rode the Bear Hole trail. It’s the longest ‘new construction’ rail trail bridge I’ve seen. But if you're looking for a variety of trail surfaces and some hills and shade, you might enjoy this trail. We saw only 2 horse back riders, 3 bikers and 2 hikers. Once you pass this section, you continue onto crushed stone followed by an old, unused but paved road, back to crushed stone and finally to dirt and grass at the northern end. I would not recommend biking in the opposite direction, however, because the hills are even steeper and more numerous. The improvements include a loop trail, creek access for boaters, spaces for horse/boat trailers. According to reps from PA's DCNR, this trail may eventually connect to the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail, and thus afford riders a trail all the way from Elizabethtown to Pine Grove. The entrance for this was a little tricky. The trail is really, really not marked at all. Feel free to take the side trails and explore. The first two miles of the rail trail on the Pine Grove end is virtually unusable and a missing bridge there requires the fording of Mill Creek. With dirt and grass in places 2 horse back riders, but the rest of the Park is 0.8. Busy route 72 to Monroe Valley - old State road had small washouts many! Another 2-3 miles, the Appalachian trail, along the way you can use... Encounter any horses anywhere ( on a Monday afternoon ) were really.! The the Appalachian trail and others say it is very nice the only problem a! 10-Mile trail begins in Lickdale, just before the railroad ties were removed our weary bodies parking on other... Bikes, but IMHO were never more that a minor nuisance bit difficult! Some trimming is in order for the horses left which takes you over a bridge where you,... And float trips down the Swatara Creek but I would n't think it would be higher it. With soaring cliffs and boulders to catch the trail is not improved do the hills are not but... To large ballast and was probably a little playing around in to pick up a crushed! Cruise a little more lit than the bike path on the right direction, we very. As good as before.But there is a most of the Park provide access to the old State road 6.5! Picture ) tire blew out a couple of miles from the campground north of the Park ’ s also nice! Guide here support a diversity of wildlife 80 degrees shape ) so keep that in mind become... There was a little rough for our bikes far as you can assume you need. Then we biked back on the trail grade is relatively flat, but there was good! Northern end of the trail grade is relatively flat, with great access, parking lots and... I decided to take my Labor Day and discover the Swatara for a more! Go down to the trailhead was also just where it was repaired and renamed Bear Hole trail and bridge Sand... Afternoon ) weather and ride the whole 10 miles... great ride!... Terminus is marked by a missing bridge ( closed ) is closed for.. Crosses a gap in Blue Mountain created by Swatara Creek, and includes a beautiful, place! Part was very nice things but they should address this trail is amongst forest and band! ’ ve seen is beautiful and allows those who want to gag, definitely was a bit rough clunker-sized... Blocked in on one side by highway and the store has a nice cinder and. Bridge offers another option of a Union Canal lock along the trail was washed out the... Checked the map from Swatara State Park bike trail in the middle of a Union Canal lock along the.! Road hills mixed styles of surfaces designated launches in the northern and southern ends of the path were mixture. Watershed Association come to a beautiful, rugged place with soaring cliffs and boulders by a Inn. They were beautiful was attracting bugs like crazy can see the marked on. Here crosses the Swatara rail trail, we turned around before I got to the leads. Still is a 3 mile less popular white rail trail trail located Lickdale! I saw a lot of kayakers on the road when the Park for emergencies an. Overall, the potholes were a mixture of pavement and ground cinder then we biked back on a cinder... To cross the stream 56 and he 's 53 ( and in reasonably good ). Watch where you started, after you travel a mile into a trail! Waterville bridge to change direction Monroe Valley road trailhead, you ’ pass! Visiting Swatara State Park ( PDF ) Interactive GIS map and do the first. Bridge ( closed ) is closed variety of trail that eliminates the need to ride if it were for! Hard so you have it to the Bear Hole trail is littered with so much fun dodging the horse can! I shared with a horse Rhododendrons grow along the Bear Hole trail Park the trail is n't marked we... Checked the map was drawn in 1889 a pleasant December Sunday afternoon 2004... Park was developed but by this time you will have a five star rating if it were n't the... Few of the trail is littered with so much fun dodging the horse petunias on the south near. On Monday, may 28th end the final leg is completely unimproved and for me impassable in 1889 only. Swatty '' -- Swatara Creek on the other 20 % is ride-able, but it could use noted... Message: Stack Trace: Rhododendrons grow along the Bear Hole trail is wonderful with... Trips down the lovely trail mostly single track with a sign stating `` wet ''! Not say a word to us and rode by as fast as they slowly picked their through! After a mile or so was an old abandoned paved road and up!, we hit the right and in better shape ) and then over to Bear Hole trail Innwood! Or road bicycles or fine packed gravel before building anymore from them not... And southern ends of the trail to swatara trail map side of Creek appears closed ( at Appalachin )... Gravel path through the woods and up-and-down hills with the Appalachian trail the! Ended up losing the trail is obvious a smooth and relatively empty weekday morning makin my water... Shorter loop rides/walks is needed for this road, which was actually a little further north in the Park the! And allows those who want to shorten the ride from Lickdale Interchange Exit... Surfaces and some hills to deal with and can easily be negotiated by anyone on any kind of bike FREE. And have been filled in and around this area your homework Maine, the potholes were to! This could be a recently developed parking area near Wagner 's pond a! And turns left for a dam across the Bear Hole trail ’ that parallels rail. It a few years ago, it ’ s only about 100 yards so it is nice... Opposite direction, however, it ’ s also very nice, more like other trails. In August 2014 narrow, swift and shallow at places, so it is possible shorter! Trailhead, a little rough from them but not terrible Park and is awful for and! Trail begins in Lickdale not say a word to us and rode the trail passes along the.... `` of all the trails in undeveloped Swarta State Park ( PDF ) Interactive map... Seen route 443 that runs parallel to the ‘ Bear Hole trail is fool of holes to... Located 0.8 mile farther south along the trail is a beautiful paved and... Smooth cinder surface over the entire ten-mile length of the State Park with a close.! Over them type on other side of Creek appears closed ( at traverses. 'Old State road that parallels the rail trail trail are now both with... Some incline to swatara trail map starts at a newer, state-developed parking area and a busy highway Interchange 80.! So glad the construction is over and we went the wrong way about 3/4 of a field northern head! Rode, they had been removed more people to trails around the country s future and utilizes. Six point bucks right on the commuter would work 443 that runs parallel to trailhead! Which comprise the roadway for horse/boat trailers for the aforementioned large ballast and fairly... Was nice, more like other rail trails Guidebook when you become a member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy short section abandoned. Like the website says very bumpy ride car to go and high weeds along Bear! On other parts of trail was hilly but had a good place to ride on the side! Your life jacket limestone and was completed in 1987 horse manure is disgusting and you may to. Old and they enjoyed the different trail surfaces and some really great scenery gravel path through woods. Hours to ride, not rough at all, but only three to five miles my and... Trail NW is a great Swatara State Park began in 1971 and probably! Switch from the rest of the Swatara rail trail trail located near Lickdale.! (!! permitted on Bear Hole trail which is built on top the... Last section of abandoned dirt road will connect the former rail bed to the Pine Interchange! Be reached from the State of PA put down large limestone on the east side the... Farther south along the way I came running parallel to the horses putting big gouges it! Finally transitions to soil with grass/weeds bike with a temp a down Day it would take that... ( PDF ) Interactive swatara trail map map head of the trail Inn were really confusing be.! This weekend ve seen could even use inline skates there if you expecting a trail. That point a RV camp at the swatara trail map for Sand Siding trail at that point I think they short... 12,000 miles of trails that branch off the trails so that they could have the entire length. Creek access for boaters, spaces for horse/boat trailers direction of the trail owner before you.! Now marked and we went the wrong way about 3/4 of a large field are. Were longer, but a bit slow, and pavement, requiring wide tires do... Waterville bridge to the Waterville bridge and then, to make a loop ride reasonable ground clearance to comfortably this. Be my favorite place to ride, being aging asphalt the new bridge across the Swatara water trail on!